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Studying RZhD OAO brand recognition in media of 12 countries

iMARS organized a study of awareness and perception of the Company’s activity and management among media representatives of 12 countries, where the RZhD OAO is already implementing business projects, or where it plans to enter the market.

The study involved 67 journalists from 62 leading social, political and business media outlets of China, South Korea, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, UAE, Austria, Serbia, and Brazil. Agency experts prepared a base of relevant media outlets, organized interaction with their editorial teams for participating in the study. The questionnaires for the survey were formed with the consideration of media peculiarities in each of the 12 countries and translated into English, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic and Indonesian languages. The pinnacle of this work was an analytical report about study results and recommendations regarding the organization of communication support of RZhD OAO in the countries participating in the study, with the consideration of their media landscape peculiarities.

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